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Alicia is a motivating speaker on topics including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Resilience and Overcoming Adversity, Innovation and Change Making, Leadership and Teamwork, Workplace Culture, and Women's issues. She is committed to helping people ignite positive change in their lives. 

Previous Audiences Include:

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As the Keynote Speaker of the Coalition for the Homeless’ annual Women Mean Business Luncheon, Alicia, attentively crafted a moving and inspirational speech that spoke to everyone in the room, weaving together her own personal experience and expertise with the very essence of the event. We were blown away by her ingenious and creative approach, as well as her thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and respect for the program and the individuals that the event honors. 

—Tim Campbell, Deputy Executive Director for Programs, Coalition for the Homeless

“Alicia Graf Mack is a dynamic, visionary leader whose insights are valuable to any organization that’s seeking to drive sustained, long-term impact for communities. Her abilities as a speaker are energizing and inspiring—
and the impact of her 2023 talk at our firm continues to reverberate.”

—Justin Grant, Executive Director of Community Development, JPMorgan Chase

Alicia Graf Mack standing at a podium giving a speech.
Alicia Graf Mack with Misty Copeland and a poster of the Moving Moments podcast
Alicia Graf Mack standing with Virginia Johnson
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